Conscious Sexual Self

For Sexuality that is Aware, Awake and Amazing

The Workbook

What people are saying :

Illuminating, compelling and inspiring... this instilled new hope in me.

How refreshing to open to a whole new way of knowing myself.

Full of questions I had never contemplated before.

This peeled away layers that allowed me to be more intimate and passionate with my partner.

I love that I can define what optimal sexuality is for me!

Now I have more courage and honor myself and also to be more direct, open and also nonjudgmental in hearing other people’s sexual stories.

This is the perspective on sexuality I had been waiting for!

This Workbook is designed to give you sexual information you may have been looking for, but more importantly it will invite you to seek answers within yourself - how did you come to have the beliefs, values, passions, and yearnings that you have about sex? What relationship do you want to have to your own sexuality now? How can you be the most aware, awake, and alive sexual person you can be right now? With journaling prompts and at home exercises, you will explore in a holistic, compassionate way your own unique sexual self.